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VIC VICE VR Industry Experience

VIC VICE VR Industry Experience

Unlock the door to future careers with VIC VICE!

This revolutionary virtual reality platform offers secondary school students a firsthand experience of hard-to-reach industries. VIC VICE features engaging video content, allowing students to interact with various workplace environments.

From dairy farming to logistics and healthcare, students navigate through digital worlds using headsets and handheld controllers, eliminating barriers related to geography, COVID-19, or workplace safety. Build career awareness and aspiration in students using this modern and interactive platform.

Discover more at or reach out to Northern Mallee LLEN to bring VIC VICE to your classroom.

Explore a diverse range of industries and video types, providing students with an enriching and comprehensive virtual reality experience:

  1. Engaging Industry Experiences:
    • Interactive videos featuring real people working in different industries with opportunities for student interaction.
  2. Video-Game Style Simulations:
    • Navigate through digitally generated virtual worlds, taking on a series of simulated workplace activities.
  3. 360-Degree Videos:
    • Immersive videos providing a complete view of different workplaces.
  4. Interactive Touchpoints:
    • Points within the videos where students can interact with the environment.

Industries Covered by VIC VICE:

  1. Agriculture:
    • Experience the daily activities of teenage farm hands in both traditional rotary dairy and high-tech automated farms.
  2. Community Services:
    • Gain insights into working with disabilities through interactions with job coaches and their clients.
  3. Health:
    • Explore communication in health, infection control, and rehabilitation, offering a comprehensive view of the healthcare industry.
  4. Transport and Logistics:
    • Hear from apprentices working in the transport industry, including forklift drivers, reach stackers, and fleet controllers.
  5. Dental Assistant:
    • Navigate the nooks and crannies of dental care in a virtual reality environment.
  6. Myotherapy:
    • “Knead” to know more? Get hands-on with myotherapy in a virtual reality setting.
  7. Early Childhood Education:
    • Discover the world of early childhood education and hear what excites educators in this vital field.
  8. Aged Care:
    • Learn about creating a caring and stimulating living environment for the elderly.
  9. Meat Processing:
    • Understand elements of various roles in the meat industry, including quality assurance, product preparation, packing, tracking, and distribution.
  10. Cropping:
    • Be taken inside a protective cropping grow house and learn how to care for crops, pick at the perfect time, and ensure proper packing.
  11. Distribution Centre:
    • Explore the operations of a massive distribution center, like Cotton On’s facility at Avalon, and see how online orders are processed.

Download the VIC VICE Flyer here.

Download the VIC VICE Booking and Consent Form here.

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