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School to Work Program Presentations

NMLLEN facilitates and delivers a selection of information sessions in partnership with the local industry to the region’s secondary school students for enhancing their vocational pathways. 

These sessions serve as invaluable platforms for students to explore and gain insights into various vocational pathways available to them. By fostering strategic partnerships with businesses and organisations in the local community, NMLLEN ensures that the information shared is not only relevant but also reflective of the evolving demands of the workforce.

The program provides insights into the local industries, workplaces, employability skills and understanding employer expectations. Through these information sessions, students have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of different vocations, gaining a deeper understanding of the requirements and expectations of various industries. This proactive approach helps bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for a seamless transition from the educational environment to the professional realm.

Students also explore the various vocational education and training and school to work transition options and the interaction allows them to gain more insights into their own strengths, weaknesses, values and helps them in building their self confidence. 


  1. School to Work Engagement Presentation
  2. Job Readiness Preparation, Application, Interview Presentation and Mock Interviews
  3. Get VET Presentation
  4. Local Industries Presentation
  5. VIC VICE VR Goggles Interactive Session

Guest Speaker Presentation

Nicolette Robson, representing Lower Murray Water, delivered a compelling presentation on School to Work Presentation centred around School to Work Placement and Work Experience opportunties at LMW. The audience comprised Year 10 VET students from Irymple Secondary College.

Guest Presenter

Nicolette Robson

Industry Partner

Lower Murray Water

VIC VICE Classroom Workshop and Industry Immersion

Mildura Senior College hosted a VIC VICE Classroom Workshop and Industry Immersion event for VET Business Year 1 students. The workshop focused on the recent competency BSBTEC202: Use digital technology to communicate remotely.

VR Headset Experience

The VET Business class had the opportunity to explore VR headsets, delving into interactive videos related to their competency. The preferred Virtual Reality Experiences were the Transport and Logistics Industry’s Distribution Centre and the Health Industry’s Customer Service at the Administration Hub, both aligning with BSBTEC202.

VIC VICE Platform

VIC VICE, a cutting-edge virtual reality platform, transports students into real-life industries, offering an immersive experience with interactive elements. It’s an ideal tool for students to explore industries not accessible locally.


This event was conducted in partnership with VicLLENS and Northern Mallee LLEN.

Job Readiness, Preparation, Application, and Interview with Mock Interviews at Robinvale College

Robinvale College hosted Mock Interviews for Year 11 and 12 VCE VM and VPC students. This session, facilitated by NMLLEN and industry partners, focused on job readiness, preparation, application, and interview skills.

Mock Interviews

The Mock Interviews, the final phase of job readiness training, provided an engaging experience for students. Industry guest interviewers from SuniTAFE and Skills and Jobs Centre conducted the interviews. Students learned about interviewing techniques in a simulated interview environment, preparing them for work experience and employment opportunities.

Industry Partners

  • Skills and Jobs Centre
  • SuniTAFE


  • Barb Macdonald Careers Advisor – Community Industry Engagement.

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