The USP Blueprint provides the goals, strategies and KPIs that will guide organisations in our community to improve educational outcomes for young people.

Unlocking Sunraysia’s Potential

Far too many young people in Victoria’s rural communities fail to fulfil their educational potential. This reality is reflected in the statistics for incomplete schooling and low take-up rates in further education.

Many Mallee communities sadly feature as locations of significant concern. While the reasons are largely self-evident the solutions are not always simple or obvious. So what can be done?

The USP journey was triggered by local identity Stefano de Pieri, chair of La Trobe University’s Regional Advisory Board. His concerns resulted in a meeting with Penny Armytage, chair of the Victorian Government’s Regional Management Forum. With the support of La Trobe Vice Chancellor Paul Johnson and the Mildura Rural City Council, a two day forum was held in July, 2010. Some 200 delegates met to discuss ways of improving the education outcomes of children in the Mallee.

In December 2010, the USP taskforce (Vernon Knight AM (Chair) – Mallee Family Care, Anne Brinsden – Loddon Mallee Region, DEECD, Fiona Merlin – formerly Loddon Mallee Region, DEECD now MRCC, Ron Broadhead – NMLLEN) presented a draft Blueprint to community delegates, along with a compact which was developed to confirm the support of local organisations.

The USP Blueprint was officially launched by Penny Armytage, Secretary of the Victorian Department of Justice on Wednesday 23rd February 2011. The USP Blueprint provides the goals, strategies and key performance indicators that will guide organisations in our community to improve educational outcomes for young people.

At the launch of the USP Blueprint, a Community Compact was signed by key organisations in the local community who pledged their commitment to implement the USP Blueprint and unlock the potential of Sunraysia’s youth.

The USP Taskforce have now completed their role and handed over the responsibility of implementing the Blueprint and the monitoring of its achievements to the Mildura Rural City Council Community Engagement Governance Group.

Mildura Rural City Council have appointed a Project Officer to oversee the implementation of the Blueprint to ensure that every young person has the same opportunities to reach their full potential.

NMLLEN has developed a strong partnership with the USP Project Officer, Fiona Merlin and will continue to provide support during the implmentation of the Blueprint.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Department of Human Services
Department of Justice
La Trobe University
Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
Mallee Family Care
Mildura Development Corporation
Mildura Rural City Council
Mildura Rural City Council Youth Ambassadors
Mildura Tourism Inc.
Northern Mallee Local Learning and Employment Network Inc.
Northern Mallee Primary Care Partnership
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council Inc.
Victoria Police

More information, download the USP Blueprint