NMLLEN aims to provide useful resources for all our stakeholders.


NMLLEN aims to provide useful resources for all our stakeholders. If you cannot find what you are looking please contact us

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Do you feel that you have big decisions to make about your future and don’t know where to start, well hopefully the information we provide here, will guide you in the right direction and help you find the answers you are looking for.


Parents/Carers and Families

NMLLEN brokers partnerships with schools, education and training providers, local industry and community organisations to develop programs that help parents and families assist young people not only in their learning but on other aspects of their lives.


Business and Industry

NMLLEN are focused on working with local industry to increase opportunities in education, training and employment for young people.


Education and Training Providers

We aim to further develop the breadth of resources provided in this section, so that we can assist you in providing support to young people in their learning and other aspects of their lives.


Key Reports


Environmental Scan

The Government’s intention for LLEN’s has always been to facilitate a more comprehensive and integrated approach to planning, strengthen the capacity of local communities, minimise duplication and competition and promote shared responsibility across the community for post compulsory education and training.

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